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Antares Catamaran featured in Blue Water SailingANTARES 44i FEATURED IN BLUE WATER SAILING MAGAZINE

"Why not just go to the Bahamas like everyone else?"

There was a definite tone of annoyance in his voice, and I can't blame him. He was just as confounded as I was after a futile search for a cruising guide to French Guiana. With the exception of very general charts of the South American coastline, there was literally no information about cruising in French Guiana, at least none that could be found at one of North America's premier chart stores.

While no slouch when it comes to geography, I had to crack open the atlas when I got an email from Jason suggesting we drop by the Guiana Space Centre on our passage from Brazil to Trinidad. Wait, there's a space station in French Guiana?

Liveaboard in KourouFrench Guiana hardly registers on the cruisers' radar, and we had originally considered it as a possible stopover in case we needed fuel during the passage. But upon further investigation we decided to make this South American country a cruising destination, and not simply a necessary stop.

[Link here to read a PDF reprint from Blue Water Sailing Magazine]



Each year we hold our Antares University program at a different location - this year we were fortunate to be in what is arguably the liveaboard Mecca for cruisers - George Town, Bahamas.

While we still spent lots of time reviewing the electrical and mechanical systems, learning about boat handling, docking and sailing, everyone also got a chance to immerse themselves in the liveaboard lifestyle! Link here for more photos from the Antares University program.



Antares University Program

A 3-day introduction to your new life: Antares University brings new owners together in a relaxed, social environment for an orientation session covering major components on the Antares 44i. Link to learn more→


Link here for more photos of the interior living space aboard the Antares 44i



Silverstein Family

"If anybody is considering taking up the cruising lifestyle—just do it. The hardest part is actually setting off. The second hardest will be going back home." Mark & Sarah living aboard Antares 44i catamaran s/v Field Trip. Link to read more from Mulithull Sailor magazine→


From there to here, from here to there...

Antares s/v Two FishThis past month, I joined Antares s/v Two Fish owners Jason and Gail, along with their friend and experienced sailor Darren, on a 3-week, 1, 760 nm trip from Fortaleza, Brazil to Chaguaramas, Trinidad, making stops in French Guiana and Tobago.

I got to taste what it means to sail in the trades, experience the variable weather along the equator due to the ITCZ, meet King Neptune himself, sail past the infamous Devil's Island and experience the unique flavours and sights of Kourou, French Guiana.

Link here to view photos and videos of the journey aboard Antares 44i s/v Two Fish catamaran




Boat Builders Blog

Designing & building a liveaboard blue water catamaran. Read what Antares Yachts' Head of Design Ted Clements has to say about boat design, hydrodynamics, stability on a catamaran and more. Link for more at Catamaran Concepts→



Fish Tales & Lively Seas in the Chesapeake

Sailing, docking, boat handling and a full systems orientation where all part of this year's Antares University program held in Hampton, VA. New owners waiting for delivery of their Antares got the unique opportunity to participate in Antares U aboard s/v Escapade for a two-day session.

Highlights were lively seas in the Chesapeake, flying a Parasailor and expert tips on how to catch fish on the Antares presented by Escapade owner and expert fisherman Neil Sullivan.

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Antares 44i: Best Boat for Globe Girdling?

There is no shortage of advice on how to choose the right offshore boat. But a recent article published in Cruising World really resonated with us. Jimmy Cornell has put together a concise check list of criteria for consideration when buying a circumnavigation class boat.

What struck us most was how the article reads like a check list of all the design elements that went into building the Antares 44i catamaran. We’ve isolated a few key points from Cornell’s article that we feel exemplify our design priorities at Antares Yachts.

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